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Spam Filter FAQ

What is the ZiaNet spam filter?

The ZiaNet spam filter is a content-based spam filter. It uses header and content analysis to determine a spam score for an email. If that spam score exceeds the threshold, the message is marked as spam and placed into your spam quarantine.

Some spam still gets through! Why?

Spammers will try their best to get their message through to you. They will figure out ways to get past mail filters. No spam filter is perfect.

Will valid email be tagged?

Every once in a while, valid email will be tagged. No spam filter is perfect and periodically mistakes will be made. We recommend that you look at your spam quarantine on a regular basis.

I'm not getting my email! What's going on!

Spam filtering is not perfect. Some valid email will be tagged as spam and placed into your quarantine. If you call us and complain, the first thing ZiaNet will recommend is that you turn off spam filtering.

Where does the spam go?

Into your spam quarantine.

How do I see my spam quarantine?

By using web mail. Any mail tagged as spam will be stored in the spam folder.

Do you automatically clean out spam in my quarantine?

Yes, ZiaNet cleans out spam quarantines automatically. Spam older than seven days is deleted. This means that you should check your spam folder regularly to look for valid email that may have been tagged as spam.

What is a white list?

A white list is a list of senders that will not have their email tagged as spam.

Can I set up a white list?

Yes, you can set up a white list. After enabling spam filtering, the white list management tool will be visibile.

What are valid white list entries?

Here are some examples of valid white list entries:

  • username@somedomain.com
  • *@somedomain.com
  • username*@*.somedomain.com

You must enter a whitelist entry that looks like an email address, but you can use asterixes to broaden the match. We recommend that you use exact email addresses in your white listing. This makes is harder for spammers to bypass your spam filter by guessing at whom you may have white listed.

What does the sensitivity setting mean?

  • High sensitity means that more spam will be caught.
  • Low sensitity means that less spam will be caught.
  • Medium sensitivity is a compromise.

Is there a drawback to high sensitity? Yes. The high sensitivity setting will tag more valid email as spam. ZiaNet recommends that if you decide to use the high sensitivity setting that you also set up a well thought out whitelist.

What does ZiaNet use to find spam?

ZiaNet uses SpamAssassin. This may change in the future.

What other methods does ZiaNet use to block spam?

ZiaNet also uses an in-house IP address blacklist and the open-relay list at relays.ordb.org. Email from these sources is never added to the mail queue and will not show up in your spam folder. These two anti-spam methods work for everybody at ZiaNet.

Unfortunately, if ZiaNet was to turn off those two spam blocking techniques, our mail server cluster would be immediately overrun. This is how bad spam has become.